Gifting Plants

When we have to gift someone it takes a lot of effort to search for an ideal gift - a gift that is meaningful and conveys a personal touch. It should also be useful to the person receiving the gift . Well, one such gift is a plant or a sapling. A plant in a beautiful container is the best gift!!  Why gift a plant? When you send a plant gift you're sending years of beauty, companionship and care. Occasions From birthdays to anniversaries, from housewarmings to New Years, Christmas, Diwali, and Valentine's day presents, from promotions and transfers to incentives to students/volunteers; no matter the occasion a house plant is a perfect gift  Benefits of plant gifts It is a unique idea. It is good for health and shows that you care for the person's health and well being.  It is sustainable, affordable, and easy to maintain. It adds life to any space spreading happiness and joy. It elevates the mood. It helps one stay in touch with Mother Nature and our Earth.  Gifting plants r

“F.A.I.L. = First Attempt In Learning" ~ APJ Abdul Kalam

     This quote talks about the ripple effect of failure in one’s life. Failures are usually referred to as the toughest and the worst days of man’s life, but one sometimes doesn’t understand that the hardest of times teach us the most important lessons. Failures are proof that you tried.       Life is all about building blocks.  As a toddler, we build with blocks which sometimes fall.  Each time it falls, we learn, we build again, and our building is stable. We feel successful and content. That moment of success becomes remarkable and memorable. Failures are the first step towards success; failures enlighten our thinking. When we fail, we gain a new spirit, a diverse perspective, start to think out of the box, and utilize our creativity.       There are people who take failures to  heart.  They believe that failure ends dreams and that it’s time to put a full stop to their journey. But they are wrong. What they consider their ending is the start of a new journey.      The person who o

Not Just Logic

  Half shuddering, half leaping across my desk, I clawed my way onto the bed ensuring to avoid touching the floor at all costs. Who knew if it travelled with an entourage of loyal minions. Maintaining my position high on the bed, I peered over, praying the predator had found another prey. Alas, it had glued itself to the dust coated corner, happily beginning the construction of its new home. I sighed. I guess I would have to move into my parents’ room for the year. Being of Indian heritage, my mystifying fear of such eight legged souls always evoked thousands of laughs. Compared to my fearless great grandmother (who could pick up a scorpion and toss it out with just two fingers), I ranked at ridiculous.          “Look at its size and look at yours. It should be afraid of you!” I’ve heard this advice a million times. And while it seems all logical, I fail to understand why these words fail to make me see reason. After all, logic presides in my brain during any decision making process.


Big trees, small trees, young trees, old  You care for us all in your own own way Bonsai trees, fir trees, maple trees, too Big and old ones give us shade While young and small give us fruit You don’t need shelter From the wind and the weather Yet you still give shelter... To the ones that need a helper  You are very helpful and very kind too I just wanted to tell you, I appreciate and love you, Big trees, small trees, young trees, old You care for us all in your own own way Poem by Eesha Arvind, USA

What is ahimsa and how to practice it

  Ahimsa which is also referred to as non violence was introduced by the father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. Ahimsa is the art of living. It helps a person to live a peaceful life.  Ahimsa is the ethics of not harming any creature. The principle of ahimsa is very relevant in today's world; which is experiencing violence in the form of terrorism and other conflicts.  In such times the values espoused by Mahatma Gandhi can guide our world towards a better future. Violence is not the only way to show your power. If we take the example of Mahatma Gandhi and his supporters who followed the principle of ahimsa to gain independence we can understand the power of ahimsa.   We are taught that people must be punished for hurting others or they will do it again. If we do not act, we are weak; we are allowing people to take advantage of us. We apply this same philosophy to ourselves, we feel guilty for having unkind thoughts, or we deny when we are angry or afraid. We have created a societ

Meet EBC Teens!

  We EBC Teens are a youth organization aiming to create a global community of powerful citizens and compassionate leaders. Composed of young adults between 13 and 23, this platform drives the youth to consciously work towards creating one world - one family .  EBC Teens encourages teens to use their voices to speak about current events and topics that matter to them. It is vital for today’s youth to have confidence in their opinions. We want to give a platform that grows their spirit and gives them a chance to interact with people from all walks of life.  We want to create a world that is better, cleaner, and more sensitive for ourselves to experience as well as for the next generations to take forward.  Our founder, Mohanji walks the path of ahimsa (non-violence) in thought, word and action. Driven by the conviction that we should leave the earth a better place, Mohanji created EBC to aid others in adding value to society through consistent acts of kindness and compassion.  EBC Teen