“F.A.I.L. = First Attempt In Learning" ~ APJ Abdul Kalam

    This quote talks about the ripple effect of failure in one’s life. Failures are usually referred to as the toughest and the worst days of man’s life, but one sometimes doesn’t understand that the hardest of times teach us the most important lessons. Failures are proof that you tried. 

    Life is all about building blocks.  As a toddler, we build with blocks which sometimes fall.  Each time it falls, we learn, we build again, and our building is stable. We feel successful and content. That moment of success becomes remarkable and memorable. Failures are the first step towards success; failures enlighten our thinking. When we fail, we gain a new spirit, a diverse perspective, start to think out of the box, and utilize our creativity. 

    There are people who take failures to  heart. They believe that failure ends dreams and that it’s time to put a full stop to their journey. But they are wrong. What they consider their ending is the start of a new journey.

    The person who overcomes rejection is a winner. If you get success in one go, you take it for granted, and you just don’t understand its value.

    World-famous personalities like Oprah Winfrey and Albert Einstein have tackled all obstacles to overcome their failures. Failure became their mantra to attain success.

    Success is not as important as what you learn from the lessons. People are remembered by their values, personality, and nature. Success is like a stack of blocks: you need to make sure your  base is strong because the base allows a building to rise high. The base of the building is made from the teachings of failures.  

    Failures help us understand our mistakes, enhance our problem-solving techniques, leadership ability, and make us a better human being. Rejection also makes us strong and bold. It helps us to withstand all the situations and act capably in order to make smart decisions. 

    When a person is facing failure we have two paths, either to give up or keep going. People who have a single goal and are determined to achieve don’t let those failures break them. If you want to shine like the sun first you have to first burn like the sun. 

    Failure makes you more “human” to others. It makes you more relatable. Start by being more determined towards your dream and your goal.  

    In the cycle of life, failures act as obstacles but our confidence, determination, and persevering attitude acts as the handle that never lets us fall. 

    People assume that they will never fail but the reality is that everyone fails and everyone will keep failing because no one is perfect and everyone has faults.

    Failures and rejection are a vital part of everyone’s life  Failures make us rethink, reconsider, and find new ways and strategies to achieve our goals.

    It’s not necessary that we succeed in what we set out to do every time but experience matters.

    Sometimes we also have the fear of failure where people are too scared to try anything and stay in their nutshell but sometimes people do wonders with this fear.

    You should not be afraid of the rejections. Instead, welcome them open-heartedly because failures are the greatest teachers and humans learn from their own mistakes. 

    We fall and we stand. Setbacks become our strength, not our weakness.

We should always remember two things-

1. I will not quit until my dream is a reality. That's the difference between success and failure. Failure makes winners.

2. Mistakes are not a problem, but not taking the opportunity to learn from them is a problem. We should always remember that everyone makes mistakes, everyone experiences failure and that’s all right because failures are part of life, they make us tough and strong. So don’t be afraid or ashamed of failures always remember one thing: 

The Ladder of Success is not automatically made, we make it ourselves with the wood of experience, failures and hard work. 

Swasti Gupta


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